Small Businesses Thrive

Bronx Merchant Services (BxM) is a hands-on, full-service provider to small businesses for all of their essential commerce needs. BxM seeks long-term relationships with local businesses to provide them with the tools to succeed at every level. From start-ups to well-established companies, BxM will widen existing income streams and create new ones.

A principal goal of BxM is to create its own local commercial ecology for B2B and B2C interactions. Please see for an example of how BxM freely promotes and demonstrates this goal. BxM understands that businesses and its owners will be smarter and wiser with time. BxM’s goal is to have businesses look back and never regret working them. BxM achieves this with transparency and ferocious dedication to its clients’ needs.

Above all, BxM is a forward-looking company that seeks to anticipate the needs of its clients. From an enterprise-level e-commerce site to intellectual property considerations, such as copyright and trademark, BxM delivers. No other company offers such variety of services. The Principals of BxM personally respond to all questions and issues that clients have. There isn’t a question or issue BxM can’t address.

BxM… Community. Commerce. Fusion.