Bronx Merchant Services (BxM) creates a robust ecology for its clients. BxM’s parent company, (Blogbellion, LLC), promotes local businesses that directly contribute to its community and neighborhood identities. supports these neighborhoods one mom-and-pop at a time by fostering local businesses to band together and help each other grow. But not all businesses are equipped to maximize growth. This is where BxM comes in.

BxM recognizes the spider-web nature of local and global commerce. BxM doesn’t merely assist clients, it assists its entire ecology. BxM identifies weaknesses, then offers strength by empowering businesses with the tools to compete at the local, national and global levels.

None of this is possible, however, without the support of the very members of our community. It is they who fuel the engine of prosperity. It is to them whom BxM caters and steers businesses to embrace, not only at the consumer level but also at the friendship level. Consumers aren’t customers, they are our very friends and family!

BxM… Community. Commerce. Fusion.